Your realtor cannot sell your home unless you renovate it and invest a lot of money into it, because otherwise few people would be interested in buying it. We buy homes that have been affected by flood and water damage. Water damage in home can make it unlivable and will most likely cost thousands of dollars in repairs. If you want to sell your home, rather than invest thousands of dollars towards fixing it up, the Houston Home Relief Group is here to help. ((If selling sin’t your option, we can also help you restore and renovate it.).

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After flood waters have been withdrawn and cleaning is done, most people want to go back to their homes or businesses and start refurbishing. The problem is that the wood that was immersed in water probably absorbed a large amount of water. Reconstructing too fast after the flood can cause permanent problems such as mold growth, insect infestation and worsening of wood and wall coverings. Soaking water is not pure water and most porous construction elements must be eliminated and reinstated with latest materials.


It’s our job to fix up water-damaged homes and we aren’t scared of buying homes with significant damage. We renovate each home that we purchase and we do it well. As cash buyers, we have the resources to renovate homes quickly. If you have a home with water damage, it could take you months, even years to fix it up and make it livable again. The Houston Home Relief Group may just be your answer.